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Chris Kendall, from Winona Minnesota, is a prolific self-taught singer/song-writer and has written over 500 songs to date.

"I try to write every morning for an hour in the bath tub with a clip board and pen. Songs are full of images and feelings from young and old perspectives. I try to make the melody relate to the lyrics. Many songs are about people who taught me something or places and things that made an impact on my life. There are river songs, farm songs, city songs, kid's songs and many other topical pieces.”

“I play with a group called the Winona Accordion Club who have been getting together one night a week for the last 10 years to play music. We play all kinds of music from bluegrass to hot club and that is my favorite venue to play. Most of the musicians on this disc are from this group or are local musicians.”

“When I do play out, it is fun for me to see what songs different people identify with. Many say that they like the imagery, the humor and melodies. I like singing the stories."

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Buy the new CD,
"Let's Take A Walk"

His first CD,
"What We Leave Behind"
is also available there.

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